Every year, the societies in the village organise many events. For more information, please follow the links on the right.

In January, the fête of St Vincent, the patron saint of winemakers. This is a very traditional celebration in the village. We have kept the ancient rites and celebrate the day as did our parents and our grandparents. The fete of St Vincent is celebrated all over the region, but it is in Lompnaz where it is to be found in the most traditional form.

The hunters organise the making and the sale of Boudin - the local blood sausage or black pudding - each February, and again in November for school funds. The black puddings and, in February, a variety of local sausages are sold; all made by ourselves. Naturally, for those who may be thirsty, a bar is open!

1 May is a double celebration - on the evening before the "mais" - pine trees about 50 or 60 feet tall and stripped of bark and branches save for the top 6 feet - are put up at the houses of all the young ladies who reach their 20th birthday this year (see Traditions). On the morning of the 1 May we make and sell traditional onion and cheese tarts - in aid of school funds. They are cooked in the village oven which is wood fired and can bake about 20 tarts at once. a bar is installed, as usual.

At the end of May, we "flower" the village - geraniums and other plants are distributed all over the village to bring an air of colour for the summer.

In June, the hunters organise a clay-pgeon shoot; a contest held over 2 days. a good kilometre from the village, the noise from the shotguns is not too much of a nuisance!

August is the month of the "farfouille". In 1998 the traditional summer fete was turned into a this unique form of attic sale. 100 stalls, both individuals and local crafts and foods exhibit a variety of goods, from bric-a-brac to the local wines. An ideal day out, with family or friends, you can browse the stalls, quench your thirst at the bar, and eat lunch or dinner in the open air, but shaded from the summer sun. A free disco/dance in the evening brings the day to a close in the early hours.

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